Import business


1. Overseas pick-up business -- expert of import express service  

Import express gives you the freedom to choose when to pick up and deliver.  Whether it is documents, packages or pallets, Lanjingyu international can provide more excellent overseas pick-up services.  The import express service is fast and effective, so that you do not have to wait, we will monitor your goods and direct delivery to you.  

Imports will become easier:  

We have a worldwide service network and can import goods from more than 170 countries.  

Quotation shall be IN RMB and business settlement shall be in RMB.  

Custom clearance services will ensure that you have no worries;  

Information system platform makes cargo operation more convenient;  Faster time, more efficiency, more cost;  

Full Chinese service, communication barrier-free.  



1. The agent needs to entrust our company to pick up the goods in the country of origin, and must fill in the letter of authorization correctly and stamp the official seal;  Please contact our sales staff for a sample power of attorney;  

2. When entrusting our company to pick up and transport non-document express, please inform the sender that they must provide commercial invoices, otherwise the transit time of express will be affected, and our company will not provide the service of declaration on behalf of the sender;  

3. After the express arrives in Hong Kong, our company will check the weight, the real weight and volume ratio, the larger is the billing weight, volume calculation method: length * width * height /5000CM;  

4. Our company accepts entrusted pickup time: Monday to Friday, deadline: 16:30pm;  For the items before the deadline, our company will arrange to pick them up on the same day.  It takes about 2-3 days to arrive at the port.  


Entrust our company to pick up the goods and accept the payment from the entrusting party, but do not accept the payment from the sender  

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